NIMZU GOLD triple diamonds en tube

Nimzu’s trademark is elegance and simplicity. I design jewellery for those who want to step away from fast-fashion and search for quality and craftsmanship but at affordable prices. Nimzu stands for quality silver and gold plated jewelry and Solid 14K gold collections.

My creations are timeless and graceful, but also very personal.

In the last years I’ve strived to infuse the jewelry I make with the essence of personal triumphs, heartaches, and growth.They are not just adornments, but silent storytellers, lifelong companions, they embody the resilience, joy, and profound beauty found in life's most pivotal chapters.

That is why I want to use the most durable materials. Those that will pass the tests of time. That can be worn every day.

Opting for lab-grown diamonds is a choice that blends elegance with ethical considerations. These diamonds are created in controlled environments, mirroring the Earth's natural processes. Beyond their stunning brilliance, they offer a more sustainable and conflict-free alternative to mined diamonds.

The 14k gold we use is certified recycled gold. Recycled gold refers to gold that has been reclaimed and processed from existing products, such as old jewelry or electronic components. It's an eco-friendly alternative to mining new gold, reducing environmental impact.