This Is Us Necklace (solid 14k gold)

Because some people don't wear rings or find them hard to combine I have designed the This is Us necklace. It's delicate, elegant and meaningful. True to the Nimzu Philosophy.

The "This is us Collection" symbolises f(r)amily systems.

The constellation with 4/2/1 represents for me the grandparents, parents and myself. In the book “De fontein” that explains systemic work it says that if you stand on your correct place (under your parents and grandparents), life will flow like a fountain.

Of course you can give this necklace yogur own personal meaning that reflects you situation. You can add beads in the top line to represent your children (Like the this is us ring) or maybe the people who "support" you, that help you carry some of life challenges.

The beads can represent corner stones of you life, your values and experiences that have made you who you are.

THIS IS US is about the idea of CONNECTION, something all human beings crave and need and is possibly one of the most precious and healing feeling that exists.

It is possible to make the necklace with only the two lower rows (choose 0) or choose the amount of beads of the top row.

I am wearing the 45cm necklace and have an average size neck and shoulders. to be sure with length suits you better you can test with a thin rope.

Pendant and necklace are solid 14k gold

Beads are 1,5mm diameter

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