Shedding layers

You are not who you used to be and that is a beautiful thing.

This collection is inspired by my personal journey of growth and the beautiful process of shedding layers to become you truest, free self. Shedding skin is a symbol of rejuvenation and new life. Snakes and other reptiles like lizards, periodically eliminate the old by the shedding of their skin and emerge stronger, larger and healthier.

The collection uses the texture of layers and the birthstones of October - the opal and tourmaline - together creating powerful and inspired items.

TOP layers hoops 69
Mix pair GOLD snake rhombus
Nimzu AW21 rebirth necklace 38
Nimzu AW21gold rhombus 50
TOP malachiet 175
TOP snake hoops opal 92
Schors 59
TOP layer hoops figaro rhombus necklace 138
TOP algemeen beeld layers 79