Natasha Casteleyn
(°1979 – Brussels)

After having travelled the world during my twenties I decided to settle down in Antwerp (Belgium).

I obtained a Master in Political and Social Sciences in Ghent and then headed to Barcelona, where I studied Documentary Film and Photography and lived for 8 years. A 2-year intermezzo in Buenos Aires (Argentina) awakened my creativity but it is truly during my one-year honeymoon through Australia and Southeast Asia, and meeting a traditional Japanese master silversmith that I discovered my passion for silversmithing.

After a few years of combining my day job in the social sector – helping immigrants find their way in Belgian society - and silversmithing, it is in 2015 after the birth of our second child that I decided to take the plunge to full time self employment.

I am fluent in Dutch, French, Spanish and English. Married to Frederik, mother of Felix and Rosie. My little family and I are avid travellers and I am hopeful that soon I will be able to invest more time in my third baby: @nimzutravels. This is my dream to combine my love for silversmithing and discovering the world by giving workshops “on the road” during our travels.

I am delighted that the Nimzu team has grown to welcome Karolien, Valerie, Dorien and Vildana.

The minimalistic design keeps it pure and elegant, the silver and gold warm and playful.

GOLD NEC rosequartz oval verticaal

Nimzu’s trademark is elegance and simplicity. Jewellery for those who want to step away from fast-fashion and search for quality and craftsmanship but at affordable prices.

“My creations are timeless and graceful, but also very personal."

The yearly collections stand apart from the Birthstone-series, jewels with birthstones of their loved ones in a ring or a pendant, giving the piece that subtle personal touch. Furthermore, a series of engagement and wedding rings has made its way into my core business. The rings can be worn in endless combinations and will be standing the test of time with love.

“The minimalistic design keeps it pure and elegant, the silver and gold warm and playful.”

Nimzu loves to play with the “stacked” concept. wearing necklaces, rings and bracelets together to create a subtle yet unique result.

Quality is key, and all 14k gold forged pieces are created our my small-scale atelier in Antwerp, Belgium.For the (bi-)annual collections, we’ve recently taken on working with a Barcelona-based atelier for production. Our gold and silver supplier is a certified company using only recycled metals (as in not newly mined gold/silver) and in my workshop I do not use acids or chemicals but only natural products.