A few weeks ago I asked a question on Instagram: what would you do if the opinion of others was left out? The answers were even recognizable as heartbreaking: be myself, dress differently, do another job, take more risks, say what I think.

This collection inspires you to wear what you want, where you want and especially to dare being yourself fully - apart from all the voices in your mind and around you. Let them speak, let them think. Stay close to yourself.

L'incendiaria - you do you with a flammable edge.

SS23 Brochure 1
Nimzu EAR 07
SS23 Necklace Blue Pendant 2
SS23 Brochure 9
Nimzu EAR 02
SS23 Earrings triple 1
Nimzu NECK 02
SS23 Gordijntje 2
Nimzu EAR 01
SS23 Hoops big faceted 1
Nimzu NECK 06 02
SS23 Earrings studs nerves
NECK 04 03