Assymetrical earrings with Balance pendant and Kunzite

Hoops with Balance symbol (1,3cm). A reminder that life is all about balance. Life/work balance. Relaxation and effort balance. But also to remind you that we tend to think in a very dualistic way; “You are the adventurous one, I like to be at home. I am extrovert and you are shy.” But as Esther Perel says so beautifully: EVERYTHING is inside every one of us.

This pair is asymmetrical pair with a Balance pendant and Kunzite or just one balance pendant.

The Kunzite gemstone is strongly connected to the heart. It is thought that the stone has the ability to shine a light on all matters of the heart. it helps its bearer keep their breath flowing in a way that helps to regulate the circulatory system and keeps the heart's muscles strong.

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